Sunday, May 29, 2005


I left for Raikota , Tamil Nadu on friday evening. It was a youth retreat from the church, and my first impression was... Do i want to go for this? I knew that I wanted to bacause the trip would do me good. One, it would be a nice break from everyday in college, and secondly, Pastro would be speaking on key issues regarding the problems of youth. But what was eating me, and making me think twice was the fact that I am not very good at starting communication and making friends immediately. And so it was.... the people I knew on the trip were only Pastor Roberts, his wife Sandy, and my friends Feb, Srinivas and Socrates. There were another 15 people to join us !!!!! This was what I was scared of. New people !!! That too from a different cultural background. Im not a christian. Ive been goin to the church only for about 2 months now. So here we had many christians, and most of them anglo indians. So much of difference between us I was wondering how I would gel in with them. But my fears proved unfounded when I got along quite well with all of them. Yes, there was the initial phase of silence on both sides. I didnt know what to say, and they kept quiet coz maybe they thought I was a snob and therefore, not interested. Who would be? But the whole experience was librating. The mix of people, the great atmosphere, te scenic beauty of Raikota, the peace, no phone calls, no sms. Nothing but us in harmony and a very jovial atmosphere. It was really a lot of fun.Ill be recounting that, but Im a little short on time here so i will continue this blog later and give details of the fun trip that i had. Till then, adios amigos !!!!!


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