Monday, May 16, 2005

Disillusionment !!!

Wonder if this weblog of mine is starting to sound like a place to complain !!!! What with so much that i gotta say. Yes the sub sez it all. I am disillusioned wt people, with my "friends" in specific. Just cannot understand them. Im a person who does not expect much from anybody, except for some basic courtesy and some basic form of communication when necessary. But not everybody seems to understand that. Despite where the world might have progressed today, I believe that a relationship in any sense, cannot survive without communication. So here I have my so called friends who , perhaps, refuse to speak or sms for days , and once they trn up they expect everything to be hunky dory. And since Ill obviously be upset, I cannot respond in the friendly manner that i should, but its misinterpreted for a MOOD SWING !!!!! I know my shortcomings and i know tht such a behaviour in the given circumstances is NOT A MOOD SWING rather a bewilderment as to how someone can just expect things to be all right ! And if te case is that they dont like me or dont want to speak to me, fine ! Tel me that and terminate any pretense of a phony relationship. Everyone has a right to be with those who they r comfy with, so if these "friends" r one of them, then they can stay away, I have absolutely no problem. But I cannot read their minds, and i dont know what they re thinking, so unless they tell me or i come to know, this disillusionment continues...


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