Tuesday, May 31, 2005


So where was I the last time? Yup ! out of time and I said Ill write later about the trip ( which was awesome inspite of the short duration and the new people that I wine along with. ) Well, I left Bangalore on the 27th of may. It was an evening train, 430 pm. N officially I had college till $ pm. So Me n Feb went to Ushi ( the H.O.D. of the Dept of Pedodontics ) and told her of our trip. She was more than glad to let us take an early leave, coz she s such a fun loving person herself. Of course the bargain was that I had to get back in a few days and draw some cartoons and posters for the department. No problemo man !!!! For the amount of fun I had it was worth it !!!!!!

I reached Banaswadi railway station at 4 and was waiting for the others when it started pouring cats and dogs. Me, and the rest of the gang which followed got completely drenched by the time the train arrived & we managed to squeeze through many more commuters into the train. It was only a 2 hour journey, but still v need place to sit, which was lacking. So at every adjacent station, we would jump out of the train & go to the next bogies to look for place ( unfortunately, wherever v went, it was the same ). At around the 4rth station from Banaswadi, I got down too to rush to the next bogie. My friend Socrates was in the next one n he came out to look for me, Imagine the scene : we both rushed past each other without even realising . Later when a bottle fell outta my bag, did we realise that. The train started moving & horrors of horrors. My bag zip gave way and everythin inside tumbled out. Somehow Soc me and Amogh threw everythin onto the moving train n got on. That was some experience.

We reached Raikota at around 7. It wasn't scorchingly hot as we d been warned because of the generous rain. A bus was there to pick us up and we were taken to an institution called Eternal Light ministries. This place was previously a girls' orphanage but of late its been converted to a full fledged camping place. Still, the few buildings that stood were typical British architecture, like the ones in Dehradoon and mussoorie. Dormitories, common bathrooms, playing fields, a bell to notify breakfast,lunch, tea and dinner, or any important announcements. The enormous piece of land was totally uninhabited except for the few buildings coz the entire area has been purchased by the ministries. It was green and peaceful all around. The air was crisp & clean, and it really reminded me of school.

Once we had settled down & had our coffees, we sat down for praise and worship. For those who don't know what that is, it is singing hymns with devotion to God. Its a liberating experience, and of course, who doesn't like soulful melodies !!! Songs sung to the tune of the guitar... gimme that anytime man !!!!!!! After the P & W we had our dinner together. I opened up to most & conversation started flowing smoothly thereon. I realised its not that tough to make friends after all !!! There were the guys : Savio, Jonathan, Joshua, Srinivas, Socrates, Denzel, Vinay ,Amogh and of course, Pastor Roberts. The girls : Feblin, Nicole, Beverly, Preeti, Candy, Ruth, Usha( Srini's wife ) and Sandy , Pastor's wife. All of us got along pretty well thereafter.

After dinner we had a long walk to Michelle's living quarters. Michelle comes for P & W to our church quite often and she was living here in Raikota on a temporary basis. Listened to some real good music, roamed about, played badminton. After that the gals went to sleep, and we guys chatted on till 1. At 130 Savio and Jonathan were hungry, so v tiptoed into the kitchen to get em some food. Only then did we sleep......

We woke up at 7 the next morning . Brushed our teeth, but guys didn't take a bath. Boys will be boys !!! Had breakfast, another round of P & W, and then got down to some serious business. Pastor Roberts had prepared a slideshow on the ills that plague the young today.... alcoholism, drugs, smoking, casual sex. He told us how to abstain, and how it can destroy our lives. The seminar also included advice as to how to plan out your life , and the importance of saving. After that was the round of anonymous questions, any question tht one would want to ask but was reluctant or shy to. Each person wrote a question on a piece of paper & it was answered by the Pastor. Then there was a lot of spiritual teaching which was sort of relaxing, but v boys were gearing up for the fun after the seminar. We played football for around 2 hours nonstop when it started pouring again. I realised the true fun of playing football is when it rains. We also played some cricket under the downpour. When the evening turned into night, we did not realise. After dinner, there was dumb charades, antakshari, more cricket with the girls also joining in this time.On my part, as usual , a lot of flirting with Beverly and Nicole. Ahem... I quite like Nicole by the way. Hahaha. Srini 's son, Nathan, who is 1 yr old, had us going " Soooooo cute " throughout the trip. He s such an intelligent kid and soooooooo cute.We had lots of fun during the charades coz half the people didnt know hindi and the rest had no knowledge of English movies. So it was utter fun n chaos in the midst !!!!!! This went on till 12 am , n only then did v retire to our rooms. Jonathan, Josh n Savio were talkin bout the Exorcist so they got scared n came slept next to Soc's n my bed. Soc n I talked about Raman , our friend who s now in MUmbai. We don't know what kind of company he s got into and hoped for the best for him. Sleep came soon after

We left Raikota at 7 the next morning. Even as v boarded the train, I had a sense of satisfaction. For I had had a good break from my daily routine, had learnt some important things which im putting in practice now, and made some good friends. On the way back on the train too we played dumb charades. Finally, they had to change the game coz I was gettin bugged playin the same game again n again. So we played Situations, and later , Killer. Killer s a game where u gotta wink, so u can understand that I enjoyed the game a lot ;) Once we got back to Bangalore, we said our byes and went our ways. Most of the people on the trip come to the Church I go to, so Ill be meeting them next Sunday. All in all, it was a wonderful trip, n I hope to have more of the same.... Soon .

Sunday, May 29, 2005


I left for Raikota , Tamil Nadu on friday evening. It was a youth retreat from the church, and my first impression was... Do i want to go for this? I knew that I wanted to bacause the trip would do me good. One, it would be a nice break from everyday in college, and secondly, Pastro would be speaking on key issues regarding the problems of youth. But what was eating me, and making me think twice was the fact that I am not very good at starting communication and making friends immediately. And so it was.... the people I knew on the trip were only Pastor Roberts, his wife Sandy, and my friends Feb, Srinivas and Socrates. There were another 15 people to join us !!!!! This was what I was scared of. New people !!! That too from a different cultural background. Im not a christian. Ive been goin to the church only for about 2 months now. So here we had many christians, and most of them anglo indians. So much of difference between us I was wondering how I would gel in with them. But my fears proved unfounded when I got along quite well with all of them. Yes, there was the initial phase of silence on both sides. I didnt know what to say, and they kept quiet coz maybe they thought I was a snob and therefore, not interested. Who would be? But the whole experience was librating. The mix of people, the great atmosphere, te scenic beauty of Raikota, the peace, no phone calls, no sms. Nothing but us in harmony and a very jovial atmosphere. It was really a lot of fun.Ill be recounting that, but Im a little short on time here so i will continue this blog later and give details of the fun trip that i had. Till then, adios amigos !!!!!

Monday, May 16, 2005

Disillusionment !!!

Wonder if this weblog of mine is starting to sound like a place to complain !!!! What with so much that i gotta say. Yes the sub sez it all. I am disillusioned wt people, with my "friends" in specific. Just cannot understand them. Im a person who does not expect much from anybody, except for some basic courtesy and some basic form of communication when necessary. But not everybody seems to understand that. Despite where the world might have progressed today, I believe that a relationship in any sense, cannot survive without communication. So here I have my so called friends who , perhaps, refuse to speak or sms for days , and once they trn up they expect everything to be hunky dory. And since Ill obviously be upset, I cannot respond in the friendly manner that i should, but its misinterpreted for a MOOD SWING !!!!! I know my shortcomings and i know tht such a behaviour in the given circumstances is NOT A MOOD SWING rather a bewilderment as to how someone can just expect things to be all right ! And if te case is that they dont like me or dont want to speak to me, fine ! Tel me that and terminate any pretense of a phony relationship. Everyone has a right to be with those who they r comfy with, so if these "friends" r one of them, then they can stay away, I have absolutely no problem. But I cannot read their minds, and i dont know what they re thinking, so unless they tell me or i come to know, this disillusionment continues...

Thursday, May 12, 2005

MMS, camera phones and all that jazz

Yes, we ve all gone through it. And I ve seen some of them too,but sometime I cant help womdering. Is it good for some desperate people to break the trust of a partner? There ve been several instances in the past about the guy secretly or with consent filming the girl whil doing you-know-what, or landlords installing webcams in the ladies loo !!!! Why is this happening? Is there noone left to trust now? It s definitely very disturbing